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Antenna Splitter ASP 1 (4 kHz - 60 MHz)

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Antenna Splitter ASP 1 (4 kHz - 60 MHz)
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Antenna Splitter 1/2 for Receiving Antennas



The ASP 1 antenna splitter distributes the power of a receiving antenna equally between two outputs.

The distance between the output terminals X2 and X3 match directly to the antenna input of an antenna distributor (AAD 4/2/A /..., 10/4/A AAD / AAD ... or 20/4/A / ...) . In this application, two adjacent antenna inputs of an antenna splitter are fed through one antenna.

Antenna Splitter ASP 1



The use of the ASP 1 antenna splitter is only possible with passive receiving antennas.




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